Patient Safety

Patient Safety

A proactive component of the Patient Safety program includes ongoing measurement and periodic analysis.

Implementation of processes incorporates patient safety principles and following are taken into consideration:

  • >> Patient Rights.
  • >> Patient/Family Education.
  • >> Patient Assessment.
  • >> Continuum of Care.
  • >> Care of the Patients.
  • >> Leadership.
  • >> Infection Control.
  • >> Management of the Environment of Care.

Methods to assure improvement of staff competence and support to an interdisciplinary approach to patient care is accomplished by:

  • >> Providing ongoing education, including reporting mechanisms through trainings.
  • >> Evaluating staff knowledge on a regular basis.

The other important aspects emphasized are:

  • >> Leadership Commitment- Our leadership has defined safety as a priority in strategic planning.
  • >> Patient Safety Education – Ongoing patient safety education regarding National patient Safety Goals is imparted to the staff.
  • *Environmental safety:
    1. >> Fire fighting devices such as sprinklers, smoke detectors, extinguishers, etc are installed in the hospital.
    2. >> Personal protective equipment are provided to the staff.
    3. >> Belts are available in stretchers and wheelchairs.